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Ptarmigan Traverse Extended Trek Part 2

Part two of the extended version of the Ptarmigan Traverse. Our eigth day started bright and sunny and we hiked through the Hanging Gardens. The area lived up to its reputation, consisting of a wide ridge with scattered high alpine meadows, flower fields, small lakelets, copses of trees, expansive views, and many idyllic campsites.
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Dream Job

What makes time stand still for you? What is something that makes you feel in the present moment? For this Alaska grizzly guide, being in nature with grizzly bears is what makes him feel alive and very happy. Inspire and get outdoors. ...
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Rendezvous Nordic Skiing

The Rendezvous Trails are situated between Mazama and Winthrop but are higher and to the north. Maintained by the Methow Valley Sports Trail Association (MVSTA), they are best accessed at the Cub Creek Trailhead. Here are some recommended trails to ski here.

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Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes

This book ($25) is both a bargain and a goldmine for backcountry skiers looking for the best beta on many of Washington’s best lines. Some 25 of the book’s 81 ascents are here in North Central Washington-- which gets our geographic relevance to the state's best skiing right. The route information is also top notch ... but be aware that we have a confession to make.
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Mazama & Winthrop Nordic Trails

The groomed trails of the Methow Valley are superb for Nordic skiers of all abilities. Around Winthrop most trails span scenic but fairly flat forests and farms. Mazama is a little higher and hillier and usually gets more snow. Here are our recommended trails near both towns.
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Lost River Trail

It’s neither a spectacular nor a bucket-list type of hike, but this riverine ramble rates as a very pleasant fallback. We particularly like this hike in early to mid-October when the broadleaf understory  will have you wondering whether a higher power is speaking to you through the medium of a flaming, yellow bush.
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Loomis NRCA - All Trails

The Loomis Natural Resources Conservation Area is a large chunk of state land just east of the Pasayten Wilderness and south of the Canadian/US border. The lands are a mix of healthy and decadent forests. They are also a mix of blissful and awful trails. Find out which trails here will appeal to whom.

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The Chopaka Mountain Quad

 When the quad hit the figure-skating world, it quickly dated the triple. Made it passé really. Likewise when you bag a quad of 7,000-foot peaks on an outing like this one, it will quickly make days of topping one, two, or three peaks pale by comparison.
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Lurking Doubts

This story was originally in the Sunday edition of The Wenatchee World that focuses on the condition of Lake Roosevelt near the upper Columbia River. There are worries from some who live along the 150-mile-long stretch about the repository for much of the 10 million tons of slag...
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The Waters of Omak Lake

It’s a lake of distinctions and surprises. It’s the longest natural lake in Okanogan County. It’s the largest saline lake in Washington State. It’s a tropical blue lake surrounded by a brown desert landscape. It’s a lake whose shorelines are virtually devoid of development yet one that...