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A Ski for All Snowshoers

It was a world-record gathering of ‘Hoksters’ with 75 people arriving to learn about or to test 'Hoks,'  a product some call a sliding snowshoe, others a grippy ski. This short, wide ski has a permanent climbing skin covering half its length for grip going up and to control speed coming down.

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Gear of the Year - 2014 Edition

We all have items in our equipment arsenals that have earned our admiration. We've shared our thoughts on some of the best products we tested this year. Now it's your turns. Add to the conversation by sharing your thoughts on the best products you used this year.
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Best Outdoor Products

Recently we put out an email to about 50 locals who we know to be serious about their outdoor passion and whose opinions we value. We asked them to tell us about  products that they have used and tested extensively, that have become favorite products, and that they would recommend to others without hesitation. Here's what we found out...

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Ski Deals for the 2013-14 Season

Most ski areas around the region offer the best deals early in the season. How early? Here's what local penny pinchers will want to know about when to buy-in.
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Deals and Steals

With downhill skiing winding down for the winter (Mission's last day is April 7), it's time to ponder your strategy for keeping skiing affordable next season. The cheapest prices for a pass will be found by purchasing before June 1. Until then, seasons passes for the 2013-14 season at Mission will run $349 for adults, and will bump up another $75 after the cutoff.

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Exped Bivybag Duo Giveaway: Winner Chosen

We threw all of the contestant names into the BivyBag's stuff sack, thus allowing Bivy to choose it's own future owner and master. Congratulations to our winner: kbknight. The contest may be over, but you can still read this gear review and see Exped's solution to getting caught in the cold.

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New Forum Launched

The WenatcheeOutdoors Forum has just launched. Come take a look.  For outdoor types living and playing in Central Washington, we have forums for hikers, climbers, skiers, paddlers, cyclists, fishermen, hunters, and backcountry horsemen. Be part of our outdoor conversations and the local outdoor community.

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    Skiing Chelan Butte


     The Chelan Butte is not always easy to ski nor always worthy of skiing, but Coron Polley tells of a recent Saturday where he enjoyed a fantastic afternoon full of panoramic views, good exercise, and nice powder...all within a few minutes of his home in Chelan.