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Star Potential - Star Lake & Star Peak

She wanted a larch hike that would compare with last autumn’s hike through the Enchantments. “What else should we try?”
“Star Lake and Star Peak, "I told her. "It's gorgeous at any time, but doubly gorgeous when the larches turn gold."
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Bird Quiz – North Central Washington

Peter Bauer is an enthusiastic amateur photographer. For many years landscapes held his highest interest but, of late, he’s been focusing on the fast, finicky, fleeting challenge of bird photography. We've put together a bird quiz using about 45 of his images. Test your knowledge and enjoy the beautiful photos.
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Best of WenatcheeOutdoors Photos

Since the inception of WenOut in 2005, we've stockpiled some of the best outdoor photos from around the region. With the onset of spring, we need to work hard to keep you, ahem, indoors visiting this site... which is why we compiled this beautiful  "Picture of the Week" slideshow from our archives.

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Animal Tracks Quiz

Perhaps you’ve been hiking and seen fresh animal tracks you couldn't identify. Was that print from a St. Bernard? Or, was it evidence that a cougar stalked your trek to the summit? We’ve made this slideshow quiz to walk you through some of the tracks, scat, fur, and other animal signs you might find in North Central Washington.

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Fall Photo Quiz

Whether you've been attacking the trails or anchoring down the couch lately, you can still get your fill of fall with this slide show. While you watch, test your savvy with trivia on fall ecology.

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Fall Photos and the Gospel of Marc

Marc Dilley sent us a handful of autumn shots to consider for Picture of the Week. They were too good to single out just one, so we compiled them all into a post and asked Marc to supply a few tips about how he created each picture. 

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Photo Tips from John Marshall

Shane Wilder produced an interesting video of local pro photographer, John Marshall, sharing tips for capturing great nature photos. It's fun to see John in action ... and to hear what he's thinking about in assessing a place for its photographic opportunities.