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Rise of the 'Mids'

In the outdoor world where needed equipment is usually strapped to your back, less is often more. Such is the case with floorless tents that rise from a wide base to a narrow apex and are generally referred to as pyramids, megamids or ‘mids'. Read our biased report about why these tents rule.

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Weed Whacking on the Go

We live in an era of shrinking Forest Service budgets that pay for the backcountry trail maintenance. We also live in an area where our local frontcountry trails are owned or managed by public agencies, conservation organizations, or private land owner lacking the funding or the manpower for very much trail maintenance. So what are dedicated trail users to do if they hope to keep the trails they frequent in good shape? Answer: Perform some . ...

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Sliking: The Secret to Feeling Eight Again

Carolyn Grow Dailey writes about a sport unknown to most: ‘Sliking’ (a combination of sledding and hiking). It's fun, good exercise, and scenic. Better still, it unlocks your inner child and makes you feel like you're eight-years-old again.

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Drinking a Pine so Divine

Close your eyes, inhale the essence of pine, and let this tea transport you from the office to the middle of a forest. Add several astonishing health benefits and you may make pine-needle tea a morning staple. Read about those benefits and how to make this tea.
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Prepping for Ski Season - 2013 Edition

Adam Vognild and Cathy Covey, co-owners of the Inner Circle Gym, presented this information to a Backcountry Skiing class a few winters ago. Those of us who did their workout had our legs turned into boneless chicken. It hurt, but made us realize how much more we'd enjoy skiing if we trained properly before the ski season.

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Riding a Human ... or Packing a Bike

A huge mountain bike descent sounds appealing ... until you think about getting the bike up to the top of a route that's too tricky to pedal. Then, do you push the dreaded anchor, let the frame crush your shoulders, or give up on such a ride? Here are two much better ways to pack your bike up a path you just can't pedal.
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Map and Compass 101

WenatcheeOutdoors recently partnered with Cascade Subaru and Wenatchee Parks and Rec Department to run a multi-week navigation course. If you missed the course you can still pick up the basics from our map and compass slideshow.

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April Navigation Course

The first items on the 'Ten Essentials' list are navigation tools, but why bother with a map, compass, and GPS if you can't use them? Learn how to get where you want and to never get lost through this three-week long navigation course jointly sponsored by Subaru, the City of Wenatchee, and WenatcheeOutdoors in April.

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Risks and Rewards - Skiing the Backcountry with Kids

Mike Lanza of The Big Outside sent us this piece about teaching his son Nate to backcountry ski. At age 12, Nate already views grueling uphill slogs as "an awesome opportunity to get exercise and be outdoors. The downhill is just an epic bonus." We like this kid.

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How to Use

We recognize that using the WenatcheeOutdoors website can have you feeling like you’ve wandered into an ocean of information without a rudder to steer by. We’ve created this tips page to help readers navigate the depths of data. WenatcheeOutdoors is a guide to our regional outdoor resources, and this is a guide to the guide.