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Election Day for Honey Bees

The dandelions are out in full force in our area and the honey bees are happily visiting them. Please think twice about spraying your dandelions when you could be helping out the bees by letting your dandelions flourish. ...
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Mud is Our March Madness

"This time of year I think about our valley in  E.E. Cummings’ terms  as “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful.” During this in-between season, consider heading to a local riverside park, swimming beach, or boat launch to experience a muddy adventure. You may want to take a child along to make sure to witness first-hand the delight of new discoveries.

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Dream Job

What makes time stand still for you? What is something that makes you feel in the present moment? For this Alaska grizzly guide, being in nature with grizzly bears is what makes him feel alive and very happy. Inspire and get outdoors. ...
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Lost Lake: Inside the Gem

The Lost Lake wetland supports an astonishing degree of biodiversity, with several wetland types and a complex web of life. On February 5th, local botanist George Thornton, along with a panel of speakers, will share an inside view of this incredible biological resource.


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Upper Methow River Recreation Survey

This post seeks respondents for an online survey directed at individuals who have floated (in a raft, kayak, tube or other craft) the Methow River above Weeman Bridge and below the Lost River. The survey is being conducted in collaboration with Yakima Nation Fisheries.
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North Star Bike Loop - The Fury of Fire Ride

Forget a woman scorned. Hell really hath no fury like a forest burning where a century of fire exclusion has created an overload of fuel that is ready to burn at extremely high intensity. Over 250,000 acres in Okanogan County re-discovered the fury of fire during the summer of 2014 and this bike loop exposes you to that fury.
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Lurking Doubts

This story was originally in the Sunday edition of The Wenatchee World that focuses on the condition of Lake Roosevelt near the upper Columbia River. There are worries from some who live along the 150-mile-long stretch about the repository for much of the 10 million tons of slag...
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Island Park Trail

Two islands at the south end of the town of Okanogan had all but been forgotten. But in 2010 high school students started converting this riverside area into a preserve that now offers local residents an extremely pleasant place to walk, run, and observe wildlife.
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Okanogan Forest Winter Road Closures

 This warning was sent out from the Forest Service to warn of upcoming road closures for winter. Please be aware of these closures when heading out around these areas. Many of the roads are closed at this time to keep the road's surface from being damaged.
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River Birds Quiz

Last month we posted a slideshow quiz of the most common "trailside" birds in the Wenatchee Valley. Now, here's the companion "waterside birds" quiz with the birds you're most likely to spot during a paddle or hike along the Columbia or the Wenatchee.